5 Best Mini Greenhouse Options in 2020

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Are you looking to go green and change your lifestyle for good?

The best way to begin this wonderful journey is by having a new greenhouse. For one, it’s a sustainable way to grow your own fruits and vegetables that are 100% organic produce. 

But what happens when you lack space for a full blown greenhouse? Do your plants overgrow your windowsill?

A mini greenhouse definitely becomes an attractive option. And, if you might still be indecisive about it, here are reasons to consider getting one. 

What Makes a Mini Greenhouse So Special?

A mini greenhouse is ideal to provide the best conditions for growth all year round

It goes without saying that every green thumb needs a mini greenhouse to grow healthy and strong plants.

This is because you don’t have to fret over drastic temperature changes when you have mini-greenhouses — you can actually extend your growing season and nurture plants during cold seasons. 

Plus, new mini greenhouses will also keep your young plants safe from predators and pests. 

If you love variety, then you definitely need a greenhouse in your garden. It allows you to grow an extensive array of exotic plants that may not grow naturally in your region. 

A pop-up greenhouse can maintain a warm temperature that allows faster growth of all plant types. You can experiment with different options and have fun with your creations.

New mini-greenhouses are the perfect answer for people who have limited garden space at home. 

Our Top Picks of Portable Mini Greenhouses

Owning a small, portable greenhouse can be beneficial in numerous ways. Who wouldn’t love eating fruits from their own garden? Or selling their produce to earn cash? 

Don’t let the efforts of your green thumb go to waste. 

Quictent UV Protected Greenhouse

Quictent Waterproof UV Protected Reinforced
Source: amazon.com

Quictent is a famous leading brand that makes tents, greenhouses, gazebos and so much more. 

This tabletop model is pocket friendly and safeguards plants from harsh climatic conditions like hailstorms, frost, or heavy rains. 

Compared to others, this model is easy to install. It weighs 9lbs and has an extended cover design that ensures the frames are airtight. 

Due to its good ground warmth, it is known to have a 95% germination rate. As such, you can give your garden an early start for any growing season. 

If you grow all-year produce in your garden, this is the greenhouse for you. 


  • A durable, transparent PVC cover that ensures the longevity of the plexiglass
  • Made with powder-coated steel frames to keep it sturdy
  • Zippers that give you easy access and good ventilation
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Clear PE cover
  • High-quality tubular steel frame
  • Necessary assembly parts
  • The plastic is thin

LINLUX Steeple Portable Greenhouse

LINLUX Large Portable Walk-in Plant Greenhouse
Source: amazon.com

This is a portable walk-in greenhouse that is durable and sturdy, with dimensions of 56″ (W) x 56″ (D) x 77″ (H).

This greenhouse is 100% waterproof, UV resistant, and has a high solar performance. It’s easy to assemble, and doesn’t take up much of your time. It has multiple shelves on each side that let you keep a wide range of seeds and plants. 

The clear greenhouse cover has zips that allow ventilation, as air circulation is necessary for a plant to grow well. The doors can be rolled up anytime, or closed in harsh weather conditions. 

With this mini greenhouse, you have the option of placing a plant, pot, and other gardening supplies on the shelves.

  • Clear PVC cover
  • It has 8 mesh shelves
  • Large zippered roll-up doors
  • Durable construction
  • The shelves are flimsy

Pure Garden 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse

Small greenhouses, cold frames, plant
Source: amazon.com

This Pure Garden greenhouse has gained popularity over time, and with good reason — it’s made of durable and sturdy steel tubes that are anchored to the ground. Due to this, it can withstand various kinds of climate changes in your garden. 

The greenhouse cover is made of PVC, and this material is effective at trapping heat and keeping the greenhouse warm. The doors can be rolled up and tied to the frames, which also offers durability. 

If you’re in a windy area, this is definitely the greenhouse worth spending your money on. It measures 27.5” (L) and 19” (W). This makes it portable — place it on your outdoor patio, on your balcony, or even inside your home. 

If you’re interested in having an outdoor herb garden greenhouse, this should be at the top of your list. 

  • 4 tier mini greenhouse
  • Firm structure
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • The plastic cover is of low quality

Outsunny Portable Mini Cloche Greenhouse

Green house, plant
Source: amazon.com

If your home has an outdoor area, this model is what you need to protect your plants from extreme weather conditions. It measures 7 (L) x 3 (W) x 2.6 (H) feet.

Made with a lightweight yet durable steel frame, it has a cover made from PVC that has zippered doors which allow for good ventilation.

  • Has a roll-up zipper door
  • The cover is durable and sturdy
  • Has no shelves

Quictent Waterproof UV-Protected Greenhouse

Quictent Waterproof UV Protected
Source: amazon.com

If your aim is to keep your plants protected in your outdoor garden, then this was made with you in mind. 

You can set it up anywhere, as it’s easy to move around. It measures 71” (L) x 36” (W) x 36” (H) and is made of heavy-duty steel. It has two large windows for ventilation and a door for full access to your plants.

  • Reinforced cover with a stylish design
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Additional ropes to fix to the frame
  • None

Palram Nature Series Mythos Walk-In Mini Greenhouse

Frame greenhouse plant, home plant, frame material aluminum plant
Source: amazon.com

We find this type to be the ultimate mini-greenhouse on this list. Besides looking stunning in your home, it has other benefits. 

It measures 97” (L) x 73” (W) x 82” (H), which is large enough for easy access to all your growing plants. 

When it comes to the frame’s material, corrosion-resistant aluminum is used in the production process. This model also features a twin-wall of polycarbonate panels that are 4mm thick.

Even though they aren’t glass, they block out about 99% of UV rays, and give your plants diffused light. To top it off, it also has a roof vent with a galvanized steel base, rain gutters, and a lockable door. 

And all of this comes with a 5-year limited warranty from Palram.

  • The aluminum frame is of good quality
  • It has twin-wall polycarbonate panels
  • None

What to Consider When Buying a Mini Greenhouse

Before buying a product, you need some basic information to guide you so that you get your money’s worth. A small greenhouse is no different. 

Here are three key components to look out for:

  • Landscape
  • Size
  • Glazing


You should have a general idea of where you plan to place your greenhouse. The landscape will determine the growth of your seeds or plants, and so is very important. 

Weather conditions should also be taken into consideration — for example, it’s best to keep your greenhouse in a warm place if you live in a cold environment. Similarly, if you live in a hot environment, your balcony or outdoor patio is a good place to keep the greenhouse. 

A portable greenhouse is a good option for your growing plant if you’d prefer to move it around your home. 


When considering size, you need to take note of the greenhouse frame material. The smallest greenhouses are known as a “cold frame”, and are a highly useful gardening accessory. You can use a cold frame to warm the soil in spring on raised beds. 

On the other hand, you can choose to buy a larger greenhouse with a walk-in space — it all depends on what you’re looking for and the available space indoors or in your garden. 

With today’s innovations, nothing can stop your green thumb. Especially in terms of size when finding mini-greenhouses to suit your needs. 


Panels on greenhouses determine how much sunlight your plants receive. There are three options to choose from: clear, semi diffused, and diffused

For seeds, the most suitable choice is a clear panel or glass panel that lets in enough sunlight. If your plants are already grown, diffused or semi diffused panels are the go-to option. 

You can also add a composter to your garden. It provides the soil with nutrients and can help improve your harvest.

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