When is the Best Time to Plant Grass Seed?

Your alarm clock goes off. You get up and make your morning coffee.  It’s a beautiful sunny day, and, out on the porch, you enjoy the precious few moments of serenity before the work-day frenzy starts. And that’s when it happens — you see what has become the bane of your existence: the lawn. You … Read more

How to Build an Eco-Friendly Raised Garden Bed

Are you tired of staring at the same sprawl of grass, day in and day out?  Are you on the lookout for ways to make your garden more eco-friendly and eye-catching?  Have you been thinking about building a raised garden bed for ages, but you’re not sure where to start? Well, it’s time to take … Read more

How to Grow Tulips

blooming tulip flowers

by Jennifer Poindexter

Do you have a certain flower that triggers a memory of someone or something? Tulips do this for me.

Every time I see a tulip I think of my sister. She loves them and has as long as I can remember. I have memories of us riding down the interstate as children, looking out the windows, and seeing the beautiful landscape of tulips as part of a nature conservation program by our state.

My sister would be in awe of the beauty. If you’d like to create this same gorgeous scenery around your home, you should consider planting tulips.

They’re easy-to-grow and if you purchase the right variety, they may even return each year for a glorious show of color.

Here’s all you must know to grow a beautiful arrangement of this flower in your garden:

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How to Grow Iris Flowers

iris flowers

by Jennifer Poindexter

Are you looking for perennials to grow around your home in designated garden beds? The iris flower deserves your attention.

This amazing flower is forgiving, easy-to-grow, and produces a gorgeous array of colors. Iris flowers provide a bonus because they can be divided to create even more plants, giving you the most bang for your buck.

Does adding color, growing an easy flower, and saving money on landscaping sound amazing to you? Then let’s discuss how you can accomplish this around your home by growing irises.

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How to Make Neem Oil Spray for Plants

Up until the 20th century, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides were the preferred product of the “green revolution”.  They became a go-to product for all plant operations due to their pest killing efficiency. Their use ranged from small home gardens to large agricultural fields.  But over time, we’ve come to learn about the dangers and downsides … Read more

How to Use Neem Oil on Plants

Are you tired of tiny little insects chewing up your houseplants or garden? If you’ve been seeking out a way to eradicate them without using toxic pesticides, you’re in luck.  Neem oil is the answer to all your problems. It’s a powerful organic solution that’s safe to use and non-toxic. It’s effective at controlling disease … Read more

6 Easy Edible Mushroom Identification Tips

Mushroom hunting is not for the faint of heart, that we all can agree on. People are typically on guard when entering the uncharted territory of mushrooms, and quite reasonably so.  For some, it’s moderate caution and for others, it’s fear blown out of proportions. Yet for most, one question looms large:  Is the mushroom … Read more