The Best Composter Bins for Beginners

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You’ve decided this is the year to finally go the green route. You’ve ditched plastic straws for metal ones, bought organic cleaning products, and stocked up on reusable food containers. 

What next?


To be a true eco-warrior, it’s time to take up composting. 

By using a composter, you will produce less waste and be more healthy and eco-friendly. At the same time, your garden will gain a natural nutrient-rich boost. No more need to use chemical fertilizers.

Here are the best beginner composters, so you too can get a slice of that “black gold.”

Stationary Composting Bins

The Environmental Protection Agency says that food scraps and yard waste make up over 28% of what ends up in landfills. 

If your household is producing a lot of yard or food waste, a stationary composter is an excellent choice for you. They have the largest composting capacity and can hold up to 15 cubic feet. 

Be aware that because of their size, they are usually kept outdoors, in the garden. Once they are full, they become heavy. Take care with their placing, as you likely won’t be able to move this composter around the garden.

Here are the best stationary composter choices for beginners.

Black Soilsaver Compost Bin

new home depot outdoor garden compost bin 85-gallon composter
Black Soilsaver Compost Bin
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The Soilsaver Classic composter is an excellent way to put an end to all that household waste.

What makes it special is its award-winning design. Due to its quarter-inch structural foam construction, it has natural insulating properties. This makes it resistant to all kinds of weather and harmful UV rays. 

Another important feature of this composter is the watering holes in the lid. Rainwater collects here, keeping the compost naturally moist.

This makes the perfect beginner composter, as it’s easy to use and to put together. It can be assembled in 15 to 30 minutes, with no tools necessary. 

This composter has locking lids, which means you don’t have to worry about pests. 

To add your scraps, use the two-foot square top openings. It’s also easy to harvest your organic compost. Just use the two bottom access doors.

Additional features include:

  • Manufacturer’s 25 years warranty
  • Dimensions 28″ L x 28″ W x 32″ H
  • Volume: 11.4 cubic feet — lots of room for leaves and kitchen scraps
  • Weight — 30 lbs
  • Material — Polyethylene with 50 percent recycled HDPE plastic content

Spin Bin Tumbling Composter

new garden compost tumbler, 60 gallon composter
Spin Bin Tumbling Composter
$199.99 $179.00
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Since we started this business back in 1998, we’ve seen a lot of composters. The Spin Bin rolling compost tumbler quickly became our favorite. Here’s what makes it so special:

  • Sturdy — It has 1-inch thick, powder-coated steel legs. Your compost tumbler will be stable, no matter the weather conditions.
  • Black — The sunlight helps to heat the compost.
  • 20 ventilation slots — These provide good aeration and function as drainage holes.
  • 4 compost thermometer ports — Inspect your composting at any time. 
  • Ribbed interior design — Gives the compost bin extra strength and better mixing action.
  • Easy assembly — You only need a screwdriver.
  • Made in the USA with 100% recycled plastic.
  • 60-gallon capacity.

One aspect that makes this tumbling composter perfect for gardening newbies is the composting instructions found inside the lid. Rain or shine, they’re always accessible.

Indoor Composters

An indoor composter is more than just a pretty bucket. It is a mighty ally in going green and turning kitchen scraps into organic waste.

Countertop Compost Bucket With Removable Liner

Countertop Compost Bucket with Removable Liner
Countertop Compost Bucket with Removable Liner
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This cute, English designed, 1-gallon kitchen compost bin is a great way to never again throw away those orange peels, eggshells, and coffee grounds.

It’s perfect for gardening and compost newbies, as it’s easy to use and you can keep it right on your kitchen counter. 

Other user-friendly features include:

  • A rubber sealed lid — Traps any odor that wants to come out.
  • Easy to clean — Put it right in the dishwasher.
  • 2 buckets in one —  No need to buy extra liners, as it comes with an inner bucket that’s easy to remove. Once the pail is full, just lift the inner pail and take the finished compost to your yard for that natural fertilizing. 
  • Choice of colors — Oatmeal or green, so it makes a great new kitchen decor addition.

Brushed Stainless Steel .6 Gallon Compost Pail

Brushed Stainless Steel .6 Gallon Compost Pail
Brushed Stainless Steel .6 Gallon Compost Pail
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This .6 gallon stainless steel compost bin has a brushed finish, so it fits right into any kitchen style.

Its smaller size (6″ in diameter x 10.75″ high) makes it perfect for use in a smaller kitchen or keeping it next to the sink.

This composter features:

  • A set of dual charcoal filters — Prevent any odor from leaving the bin.
  • Sturdy handles — Making it easy to carry and empty outdoor into your garden.
  • Dishwasher safe — Cleaning is a breeze.

To get a better idea of this composter, have a look at the video review.

Worm Composters

Rebecca Louie, the founder of Compostess, says that: “Composting is the human version of recreating what mother nature does out in the wild: taking a controlled space and mixing together various organic materials in magical cocktails or recipes appropriate to the system.”

There is no better way to do this than by using vermicomposting composters.

Worm Factory Vermicomposting Stackable Composting Bin

Worm Factory Vermicomposting Stackable Composting Bin
Worm Factory Vermicomposting Stackable Composting Bin
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Take it from the gardening experts — compost made using worm castings is among the best fertilizer out there. 

If the fear of odor in your garden is stopping you from trying compost bins, allow us to ease your mind. This is not an ordinary composter. It’s equipped with a ventilation lid and odor-free operation. 

Here’s what this composter features:

  • Made from recycled material
  • Expandable with up to 5 trays
  • Easy to assemble
  • Built-in worm tea collector tray with a spigot
  • Ventilation lid with tips
  • Can contain eight to twelve thousand worms
  • Produces compost year-round

Stackable Worm Bin

worms yard composter not tumbler composters for less than $99 95
Stackable Worm Bin
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This stackable composter is perfect for creating your worm farm. 

It not only turns kitchen waste into a compost pile but also produces fish bait and bird food. 

The stackable composter comes with:

  • 3 trays
  • A base
  • A lid
  • A spigot for draining compost tea

No tools are needed to assemble this bin, you just need to stack the trays. If yours is a larger household, you can add a fourth or fifth tray as needed. The tray size is 16″ x 16″ x 5″. 

The size makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

It comes in black, red, or green. 

For best results, add a worm supplement boost and compost conditioner.

Start Composting Today

Whichever of these composter bins you choose, you can’t go wrong. They make great tools to produce less garden and home waste. Most importantly, they’re all incredibly easy to use. 

Here is a great composting book to help out all of the gardening newbies.

To quickly go from a composter beginner to an expert, check out the 6 most common composting problems and solutions.

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