Worm Supplement Boost and Compost Conditioner


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Using a worm supplement boost and compost conditioner like this is an easy way to boost compost productivity in both a vermicomposting bin and a traditional compost bin.

Made from a specially selected blend of minerals, this powder-like material helps to neutralize acidity and balance the pH levels in worm composters, standard compost bins and in compost tumblers.

How does it work in vermicomposting bins? When put in worm composting bins, the worm supplement boost helps the worms digest more food faster. This, in turn, yields more castings at a faster rate, allowing you to add kitchen scraps more often.

How does it work in a standard compost bins and compost tumblers? When added to a standard compost bin or a tumbling compost bin, the compost conditioner helps the created soil bacteria to preserve essential nutrients.

These nutrients stored up and given to plants when you put the compost in a flowerbed, vegetable garden or yard. Because the compost boost and conditioner balances the acidity and pH levels in the bin, it also neutralizes any odors associated with an off-balance compost bin. This creates faster compost and fewer pest infestation issues.

Worm Supplement Boost and Compost Conditioner Features:

  • Can be used in both vermicomposting bins and traditional compost bins
  • Helps neutralize acidity and pH balance
  • Has an easy-to-use shaker top
  • Helps preserve nutrients for plant growth
  • Allows worms to digest more food faster

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