Can you put leftover food in compost?

how to compost

QUESTION: Can you put leftover food in compost? Which things are acceptable, and do you have to separate them? — Vicky M

ANSWER: Some of your leftover food can be added to compost, but there are some things that you’re better off repurposing in a stew or simply throwing out with the trash. Leftover fruit and vegetables, whether raw or cooked, can always be used in compost. You can compost fruits and vegetables even when they’ve spoiled and gotten moldy. (Consider it a head start on the decomposition of the compost heap.) The peels and trimmings from your fruit and vegetables are also fair game for adding to the compost bin. 

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The Best Composter Bins for Beginners

You’ve decided this is the year to finally go the green route. You’ve ditched plastic straws for metal ones, bought organic cleaning products, and stocked up on reusable food containers.  What next? Composting! To be a true eco-warrior, it’s time to take up composting.  By using a composter, you will produce less waste and be … Read more

Three Great Benefits of Coconut Coir in Your Gardening

Savvy gardeners are always on the lookout for ways to optimize their soil conditions.  At Clean Air Gardening, we’re here to help you understand the latest and greatest options.  One helpful material you may have heard of is coconut coir. This natural product has been getting noticed by more and more gardeners in recent years.  … Read more

7 Best Eco-Friendly Compost Bin Options for 2022

Turn your waste into garden gold!  Why?  Because America has a food waste problem.  Most American’s waste ends up in landfills, where it releases greenhouse gasses and contributes to global warming.  Are you ready to stop this harmful habit and do your part to contribute to the betterment of our environment? With eco-friendly compost bins, … Read more

6 Most Common Composting Problems and Solutions

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By Matt Gibson

Composting is one of the most important skills a gardener can learn. Beginners often skip composting and dive right into planting and growing without a proper compost pile. Even some experienced gardeners choose to buy compost instead of making their own.This decision is usually because composting is messy and rather complicated. 

It’s easy to get started, but without the proper maintenance, your compost pile can turn into a disaster area in no time. Read on to find out how you can avoid composting problems and make the most out of your garden by keeping and maintaining a composting pile to create your own fertilizer for your garden. 

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How to Make Compost

how to compost

This video explains in two minutes how to make compost. Composting is really simple. A lot of people think it is really difficult or make it more complicated than it really is, but really, everything breaks down. From your grass to your leaves to your vegetable scraps, it all breaks down and can be added … Read more