What are garden shears used for?

garden hedge shears

QUESTION: What are garden shears used for? When do you use them compared to say a set of hand pruners. — Richard F

ANSWER: Garden shears are also sometimes called hedge shears, and they look kind of like a giant pair of scissors that you use with both arms instead of with your fingers. The other name for them gives you a big hint about how they are often used — to trim the hedges and shrubs or something like decorative grasses that grow in clumps and sometimes need shaping.

The advantage of garden shears is that with those long blades, you can more easily get an even cut when you are trimming your landscaping. And the long handles give you the ability to reach up high if you are trimming something like a privacy hedge or taller shrubs or bushes. The big handles also give you quite a bit of leverage, so you can typically clip branches up to an inch thick, depending on your arm strength, the sharpness of the shears, and the cutter and handle length.

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