Centurion 187 Titanium 10 inch Hedge Shears


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When it’s time to cut the hedges, go titanium with the Centurion model 187 titanium 10 inch blade hedge shears. The long handles allow good leverage and power when you’re trimming the hedges. The grips are durable and comfortable, so that you can cut longer with less fatigue. There’s a terrific rubber bumper when you bring the blades together, which also increases comfort when cutting. The cutting blade is gold colored and titanium nitride treated, which makes it extremely durable, and allows it to stay sharp longer and cut more effectively. The non cutting blade has a small hole in it that is perfect for hanging on a peg board and keeping your tools organized. Titanium nitride treated cutting edges last 4 times longer than conventional blades, so you can keep cutting instead of constantly having to sharpen your blades. Not the Hedge shears you’re looking for? Take a look at our entire selection of pruners and loppers or hand tools perfect for any garden. Centurion stands behind these titanium coated hedge shears, and offers a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for the original purchaser. Imported.

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