Compost Screen and Sieve


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The Recycled Compost Screen and Sieve is ideal for sifting through compost and soil. It captures large pieces such as wood chips or fruit pits and allows fine particles to pass right through. Use it for sifting through topsoil, removing rocks, or to help mix different soil amendments together evenly. The Garland Sieve is also useful for breaking up clumps or sorting adult worms out of compost. Any piece larger than the openings at the bottom of the garden tray is either shaken up into smaller pieces or caught in the mesh. The holes form a diamond pattern, with the largest gap 9 mm wide by 5 mm long. Specs:

  • Size: 14.25 inches long x 12.75″ wide x 5.5″ deep
  • Composition: Galvanized steel mesh and recycled polypropylene plastic
  • Made in: England

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