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With sturdy, weather-resistant cedar frames and completely galvanized screening and hardware, the composter’s double-bin structure is a year-round asset for recyclers and a natural beauty in the backyard. Adjustable cedar slats allow easy access to separate storage bins that hold about 51 cubic feet of organic matter in combination. The natural integrity and functional design of the Cedar Composter is supported by rigid standards of quality during assembly.

Shipped in collapsed form, the unit requires minimal assembly and is ready for use in approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Easy assembly instructions are included.

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But the surprise of Cedar Composter is that the highest quality in composting design and materials is not expensive–even though it is recognized as the composter with the greatest capacity for recycling organic wastes. This “Queen of Composters” is part of a larger environmental plan.

This Composter takes about two weeks to ship. Single Bin Size: 36″H X 36″L X 36″W and holds about 1 cubic yard which is about 27 cubic feet. This unit comes with 6 wooden slats. Double Bin Size 36″H X 68″L X 36″W and holds about 51 cubic feet. This unit comes with 5 wooden slats for each side.

It’s important to keep your compost warm and slightly moist. This helps “good” bacteria do their job and results in more thorough decomposition of waste. Try experimenting with a variety of ingredients such as grass clippings, leaves, and kitchen scraps. If you live in a very dry area, you can help keep moisture inside by adding coir to the compost mix.

If it rains all the time in your neck of the woods, you may need to keep a cover over this compost. By using a good mix of dry and wet ingredients (ideally 3:1), you can accelerate the process of turning trimmings and kitchen scraps into healthy soil!

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