Best Weed Burners for Eco Friendly Weed Killing

Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to get rid of weeds? There are lots of sprays on the market that claim to do this, but they don’t really make a dent in many stubborn weeds. And often the weeds grow right back in a few weeks. Poisons can be dangerous to handle and bad for the environment, so try one of these weed burners if you’re looking for a longer lasting solution.

There’s always the good old fashioned method of pulling weeds out by the root, but that can be hard back-breaking work. Here are our favorite weed killers that have a little more power than sprays, but are a lot less work than pulling weeds by hand.

There are two options for burning up weeds – electric and propane.

Propane Weed Burners

In the cordless world, there are weed killers that use propane like the Weed Torch. It doesn’t come with propane, so you will have to buy those little propane tanks separately. You can find them at most home improvement stores at a low price per bottle.

This can also be used to start a fire, so don’t use it in places where there is any kind of burn ban. And make sure you have your hose handy in case you set something on fire with it and it starts to spread.

A propane based weed burner is nice because you don’t have to bend over to get the weeds. It’s also nice because some weeds are prickly, but this way you don’t have to touch them.

It’s also light weight, so it’s easy to use even if you’re going to be out in the yard for half an hour or an hour. It works particularly well on weeds that are growing up around pavement or sidewalk cracks that can be tough to pull. You’ll need to hold the flame over the weed until it’s completely burned, so that it doesn’t come back. It’s a little bit slower per weed than you might think, but it pays off when the weed doesn’t immediately grow back.

Corded Electric Weed Burner

If you prefer to stay away from the hassle of replacing mini propane tanks when they run out, you can use a similar weeder that generates heat with electricity instead of by burning propane. This works well if you have a smaller yard (or a very long extension cord). The corded weed killer is lighter weight because it’s not using propane.

It can also keep going for as long as you can. It’s powerful enough to use for starting a fire also, so make sure you use it within reach of a water hose in case you accidentally set something on fire like a pile of dry leaves. Be sure to unplug it if you turn on the hose though!

Both of these weed killing tools are good options for anyone with knee or back problems, but they do require some time spent on torching weeds. You might even find you enjoy it.

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