How to Make Compost

This video explains in two minutes how to make compost. Composting is really simple.

A lot of people think it is really difficult or make it more complicated than it really is, but really, everything breaks down. From your grass to your leaves to your vegetable scraps, it all breaks down and can be added to your compost bin. You can even pile it up in the corner of your back yard, and it will break down, but what you want to do is to create the ideal situation so that compost breaks down quickly. You can then use it in your pots or garden.

So the next question you might ask is: What can I put in a compost bin? First off, you don’t want to add grease, meat or bones, and you usually don’t want to add any dairy products than can smell and attract animals.

What you can add is a good mix of nitrogen-rich materials, which is known as the “greens” – green grass clippings, coffee grounds, any kind of kitchen scraps when cutting up fruits and vegetables. These are all good sources of nitrogen. Carbon is your other source. These are the “browns” – leaves, dried out grass clippings, hay, shredded up cardboard or newspaper. Add those to get a good, nice mix, and your compost will begin to break down really quickly.

Another important thing is keeping your compost well-aerated. In other words, keeping it mixed well. You also want to keep it moist, like a rung out sponge. An easy way to keep it moist is to open the lid of your compost bin, use a water hose and spray some water inside. Because a lot of compost bins have holes in the bottoms, the fluid will drain out, so you don’t need to worry about over-watering.

And finally, how quick is my compost going to break down? With a good mix of browns and greens, your compost can finish in as early as 3-4 weeks. Don’t worry about it – this isn’t brain surgery. It will all break down eventually, so if it doesn’t work perfectly, give it some time.

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