How to Grow Roses

rose bush

by Jennifer Poindexter

Did you know one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to brighten up your home is to plant flowers or flowering shrubs?

Most flowers and shrubs cost very little, in comparison to other home projects, and most only require small amounts of maintenance.

If you’re home could use a little color around it, consider planting roses. There are many varieties, and they’re effortless to care for.

I’m going to provide a general guide on caring for most roses. Here’s what you should know.

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How to Grow Cauliflower

small cauliflower

by Jennifer Poindexter

Cauliflower has made quite a comeback in recent years. There was a time it was viewed as the “knock-off” to broccoli. Now, it’s the keto replacement for potatoes and rice, and more people are trying it every day.

Whether you’ve loved cauliflower for a while or have newly discovered it, you might be interested in growing it yourself.

I’ll be the first to tell you, it’s not an easy crop to grow. However, if you’re a seasoned gardener or someone who enjoys a challenge, it could still work for you.

Here’s what you might want to know when growing cauliflower.

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How to Grow Pumpkins

growing pumpkin

by Jennifer Poindexter

Have you ever wanted to grow your own pumpkins?

Maybe you’d like to have them to decorate in the fall or to make homemade pumpkin pie. Whatever your reason, you’ll be glad to know, they aren’t a complicated crop.

Pumpkins come in many different varieties which makes them perfect for almost any grow space because of the large variations in sizing.

If you’d like to try your hand at raising pumpkins, here’s what you should know to increase your chances of a positive gardening experience.

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How to Grow Onions

onion plants

by Jennifer Poindexter

Are you looking for a simple cold weather crop to grow?

Have you considered growing your own onions? They taste delicious, are great for cooking, and require little to produce a generous harvest.

If you’re in the market for a garden crop which can handle cooler temperatures and even be grown over the winter months, onions could be what you need.

Here’s everything you must know to begin growing your own onions.

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How to Grow Asparagus

asparagus plant growing

by Jennifer Poindexter

Asparagus can be an intimidating vegetable and plant. When I was growing up, I remember my grandmother serving asparagus.

All I know is, as a kid, I wasn’t touching it. It smelled funny and looked odd, too.

As an adult, I’ve learned how to cook asparagus differently than my grandmother did, and it’s one of my favorite vegetables.

What’s even better is this crop is a perennial, is simple to grow, and can create many tasty meals. If you’d like to try your hand at growing asparagus in your yard or garden, here’s what you must know.

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How to Grow Common Lilac Flowering Shrubs

flowering lilac bush shrub

by Jennifer Poindexter

Picking shrubbery can be one of the most difficult parts of planning a landscape. The reason being, it’s not like a flower.

Flowers come and go. Many are annuals, so if you don’t like the way they look, you plant something different the next year.

Shrubs are a little more permanent. This is why you might want to consider planting common lilac. It’s also known as French lilac.

This shrub comes in a variety of colors and is one of the most aromatic types of lilac. If colorful and fragrant sounds good to you, here’s what you must know to grow common lilac successfully.

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How to Grow Flowering Hydrangeas

hydrangea flowers

by Jennifer Poindexter

Would you like to plant flowering shrubs around your home? Many people prefer flowering shrubs to basic foliage because it adds texture and color to their landscape at different times throughout the year.

One shrub which deserves your attention is the hydrangea. They have beautiful flowers and come in a variety of colors. If you’d like to add hydrangeas to your yard or garden, here’s what you must know to grow and care for them.

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How to Grow Common Daisy Flowers

common daisy flowers

by Jennifer Poindexter

Do you like the look of a traditional garden filled with traditional flowers? There’s nothing wrong with that. Some people desire a more exotic garden to provide a slight escape throughout their day. Others prefer a place of familiarity to provide peace in the chaos. If you fit into the latter category, you’re going to want to learn how to grow the common daisy.

These flowers are simple, gorgeous, and provide a classic feel for any grow space. Here’s how you can grow your own.

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How to Grow Daffodil Flowers

daffodil flowers yellow

by Jennifer Poindexter

Are you in the market for a flower that’s easy to grow, easy to plant, and will add a ton of beauty to your property?

Daffodils could be the flower that’ll check every box of your wish list. With their gorgeous yellow blooms, they’re sure to light up any yard or garden.

Not to mention, they’re a perennial which means they’ll return year after year with limited care from you.

If you’d love a colorful, low-maintenance flower that’ll return every year, give daffodils a try. This is what you should know to grow them well.

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How to Grow Sunflowers

sunflowers blooming

by Jennifer Poindexter

Driving through the countryside during the warm summer months, it’s common place to see gorgeous gardens, country style homes, and towering sunflowers decorating the landscape.

Have you ever wanted to add these bright behemoths to your yard?

Sunflowers are gorgeous, delicious, and somewhat intimidating. Trying to grow a plant that towers over most gardeners, depending upon variety, and houses alike can seem like a difficult task when considering raising them.

Don’t be intimidated any longer. I’m going to share with you all you must know to attempt growing sunflowers with confidence.

Here’s how you can grow your own sunflowers around your home or garden this upcoming gardening season.

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