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Waspinator Non-Toxic Wasp Repeller

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Product Description

Keep wasps, yellow jackets and hornets away with a Waspinator Natural Wasp Repelling Decoy. You can control wasps with this decoy and ditch those toxic chemicals. Please note! Each order comes with2 units! The Waspinator wasp repeller works just like a scarecrow: it fools wasps and hornets because they mistake it for a large wasp nest full of angry competitors. Since wasps are highly territorial, this will keep scout wasps from starting new nests nearby. Yellowjackets are especially sensitive to claimed territory and will fly away to find somewhere else for their nest. This fake nest is made of recycled materials that carefully mimic the color and shape of an enemy wasp nest. There's even a properly placed entry hole to frighten insects away. When wasps see the Waspinator, they buzz off and keep looking over their shoulder! It might look like a stupid wadded up piece of paper to you, but it looks like enemy hornets to other wasps! This decoy is also chemical free. No one likes spraying for bugs, but for some people, pesticides can cause side-effects that range from joint pain to trouble breathing. Even at low levels, toxic sprays can cause severe allergic reactions. Over time, chemicals can build up inside your home and cause a variety of health problems. So, just say no to pesticides! Waspinator decoys are an effective way to manage insects while also keeping your personal environment pesticide-free. The Waspinator is easy to position, easy to move, weatherproof, and highly effective. Since it's made of recycled materials and uses no chemicals, this Artifical Wasp Nest is also environmentally friendly, safe, and clean. Your order includes 2 Waspinator Nests - so you can place them on opposite sides of your house, or even on different properties. These decoys are preventative in nature, and will not work to remove existing wasp colonies. They might confuse the wasps and raise their anxiety level, but if you want to remove existing colonies, we also carry non-toxic Wasp traps.

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