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Thermo Regulating 160 gal. Composter

79.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Green Composter is a reliable way to turn kitchen scraps and lawn trimmings into rich compost. The dark green color helps absorb sunlight and blends in well with shrubs or small trees. This 160 gallon composter has a windproof lid and 2 access ports on the side. The lid latches in place to keep out rainwater and scavengers. There's also a hatch at the bottom to remove finished compost without disassembling the whole unit. Not the composter you’re looking for? Take a look at our full selection of standard compost bins. The composter is made from Thermolen - a UV resistant material made from expanded HDPE plastic. This material helps the compost retain heat and decompose faster. The dark green color also converts sunlight into heat. Composter Features:

  • Capacity: Up to 160 gallons (600 Liters)
  • Dimensions: 31.5 inches wide (800 mm) x 31.5 inches deep x 41 inches tall (1040 mm)
  • Bottomless (with an optional soil grate)
  • Secured lid
  • 2 fold out access ports
  • 1 grate for removing finished compost
  • Tool free assembly
  • Folds flat when not in use

The Thermo King Composter is bottomless so that excess moisture can drain onto the ground. This protects aerobic bacteria from drowning and accelerates the decomposition of scraps. Compost tea also enriches the soil and can help restore the balance of microbes. Since compost tea drains out of the bottom of this composter, it should not be placed on concrete or wooden decks to avoid stains. If you'd like a bottom for the Big Green Composter composter, we offer an optional ground plate. This panel snaps onto the bottom and also helps keep out burrowing animals helps with air flow. This cubic composter snaps together and folds flat when its not in use. This flat panel design reduces shipping costs and makes storage a breeze. A larger, 240 gallon unit is also available.

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