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The Benefits of Mycorrhizal Fungi

This article is an introduction to beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and how to encourage their presence in your garden by using a Mycorrhizal Fungi Root Builder . This is an extremely effective and helpful product for all your garden plants.

Mycorrhizal Fungi?

The word “mycorrhiza” (plural: mycorrhizae or mycorrhizas) comes from the Greek language and literally means “fungus roots.” You may not know it, but mycorrhizal fungi are a crucial part of the health of 95% of the plants growing throughout the world. In fact, they’ve been helping plants grow for millions of years!

Mycorrhizal fungi are tiny, harmless critters that attach themselves to plant roots and actually help plants to make use of water and organic nutrients in the soil. They live on the roots of roughly 95% of all earth’s plant species. In exchange for what they provide the plant, the plant offers the fungi a meal of sugars (fixed carbon) produced by the photosynthesis process.

Benefits of Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhizal fungi populate the area around a plant’s roots and form very thin filaments, adding to the length and efficiency of a plant’s roots. This is like having a second set of roots for the plants. Thus, plants, trees, and shrubs with a well established mycorrhizal fungal root system are better able to survive droughts and transplant shock. They also absorb more nutrients from the soil.

Plants with mycorrhizal fungi can survive better in their non-native environments, or that is to say, environments that don’t necessarily reflect the ideal environments for their survival, such as urban areas and home gardens. Mycorrhizal fungi also boost a plant’s immune system, making them resistant to soil-borne pathogens. In addition, they help to keep parasitic nematodes away.

Mycorrhizal Fungi and Your Garden

Research shows that the lack of mycorrhizal fungi can create problems with trees, shrubs and plants when they are growing in our gardens. Unfortunately, our day to day gardening tasks can negatively affect these delicate mycorrhizal fungi. For example, the use of chemical fertilizers, tilling, and hoeing can disrupt or even destroy the mycorrhizal fungi found in your soil. Additionally, many of the plants we purchase and grow in the garden lack the necessary mycorrhizal fungi growing on their roots when we plant them. Furthermore, our home garden soils may lack enough mycorrhizal fungi to truly benefit our plants.

However, the good news is that you can stimulate the growth of mycorrhizal fungi and get them to work more efficiently with a Mycorrhizal Fungi Root Builder. By using this product, you can restore or create the necessary presence of mycorrhizal fungi in your garden. It will work great on all the plants in your garden, including turf grass.

You can use a Mycorrhizal Fungi Root Builder directly on your new transplants or you can apply it deeply into the soil using a core drill or auger. Once you apply it, you’ll notice that plants will grow greener, healthier, and will make better use of water and nutrients. This means that your plants are utilizing water and nutrients more efficiently. With time, the roots will grow and perform better as the Mycorrhizal fungi continue to establish themselves on the roots.

For more information about mycorrhizal fungi, please see this website.

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