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Recycled Plastic Whiskey Barrel

74.00 LBS
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Product Description

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Empty whiskey barrels have been used for collecting rainwater for centuries. Pioneers brought lots of whiskey with them to the American west, and the barrels helped settlers survive in good times and during droughts. Whiskey barrels hold lots of water, they are pleasant to look at, and they are very durable.

The problem with wooden rain barrels is that they quickly start to rot. Wooden rainbarrels can attract termites, ants, and other wood boring insects. They are also susceptible to rust stains from the metal hoops that support them.

No need to worry about mosquito’s in your rain water with the Summit Mosquito Control Dunks.

This faux Whiskey Rain Barrel works just like an antique barrel, but it will last for many years. This barrel has a 50.44 gallon capacity - that's about 20 gallons more than a standard whisky barrel. The Recycled Plastic Whiskey Barrel holds roughly as much rainwater as a hogshead (one of the largest wooden barrels available).

Since this barrel is designed specifically for collecting rain water, it has a few design features that retrofitted barrels lack. Unlike round barrels, this rain barrel has a flat back. This flat backed rain barrel fits neatly against the side of a building. It doesn't leave any gaps where weeds or long grass can grow, and it doesn't waste any space. The barrel also has a brass spigot that fits snugly near the bottom of the barrel. This spigot is a perfect fit rather than a tacked on modification.

There are two overflow outlets built into the rain barrel; one on the front and one recessed at the back. On arrival, the rear outlet is sealed with plastic from the mold. If you want to open the outlet and install a directional hose, be sure to poke a hole through the plastic (using a knitting needle or drill bit).

The overflow valve can also be left sealed for maximum capacity in the rain barrel. If the barrel fills up with the valve sealed, it will overflow out of the secondary opening in the front.

Wooden whiskey barrels and wine kegs are incredibly heavy. Even when they're empty, wood barrels can take 2 or 3 strong people to move them around. On the other hand, this plastic barrel can be easily moved by just one person. It weighs only 19 lbs when empty.

The Recycled Plastic Barrel is molded with a pattern of wooden boards and metal hoops. One of the advantages of making it this way is that there aren't really cracks between the "boards", so water doesn't leak out or evaporate away. There are also no gaps for sunlight to get through. The resin material blocks all light, which prevents algae or mildew from forming. It's treated to resist UV radiation and will not fade or crack. The plastic body wont rot, grow mold, or rust either. This rain collection barrel is made from UV stabilized plastic.

This barrel is made from recycled PE plastic. Polyethylene plastic is one of the most widely used plastics - it can be found in everything from shopping bags to lawn furniture. For this rainbarrel, the plastic is 100% post-industrial. It comes from the castoff and leftover plastic generated by a variety of sources.

Since the plastic comes from various sources, the color of these rain barrels varies from dark green to black, with a mottled pattern that blends in pleasantly with brickwork and shrubbery alike. No two rain barrels are exactly alike, because each batch of recycled plastic is unique.

The top of the rain barrel has an inlet for water. To fill the rainbarrel, simply position the inlet underneath a downspout. The inlet has a screen to keep leaves and insects out of the barrel.

For even more capacity, you can daisy-chain multiple barrels together. Simply run a hose from the overflow of one barrel to the inlet of the next barrel. That way, as each barrel fills up, the overflow will be captured in the next barrel down the line.

36 inches tall
19 inches deep (front to back)
24 inches wide

An elevated stand is also available (as shown in the picture gallery above). This stand raises the rain barrel a foot higher and has a cutout section for putting a watering can under the spigot. This extra elevation provides more water pressure for a garden hose or soaker hose system. The stand is available in your choice of oak or recycled black (matching this rain barrel). There is an extra charge for the stand.

How do I get rain into the rain barrel?
The easiest way to install this rain barrel is to position it under a downspout or roof flashing. A more elegant solution is to install a WaterSaver Downspout Diverter. This prevents damage to the screen from torrential rains, and it is preferred by some Home Owner's Associations for aesthetic reasons.

Add a Garden Watersaver Downspout to your order and we'll ship the diverter for no additional shipping charge. Please note - your diverter will ship from a separate location and may arrive before your rain barrel.

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