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Rain Barrels for Rainwater Collection

Here you'll find an extensive selection of rain barrels, which have been individually selected by our staff. Each model has a unique set of features, so you can choose just the right rain barrel for your situation.

When selecting a rain barrel for rainwater collection, keep in mind these rain barrel features: spigot access, capacity, overflow valves, flat backs, stands, and shapes and ports for rain barrel building.

Don't know how to choose which rain barrel to buy? Don't miss our Rain Barrel Buyer's Guide or see Lars's Quick Picks.

Why buy a rain barrel, anyway?

  • Collecting rainwater is environmentally friendly. Cities spend a huge amount of money and energy to treat water so that it is suitable to drink, and then pump it to our homes. But rainwater falls from the sky naturally, for free.
  • Plants grown with natural rainwater are healthier than plants grown with chlorinated water.
  • Drinking water is a precious commodity. Use rain barrels and conserve it instead of dumping it on your yard.
  • Did you know that the water needed to produce just 1 cup of Latte will fill one of our 50 gallon rain barrels to the brim?* Rain barrels conserve tap water.