Triple Chamber Bathouse


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This Triple Chamber Bathouse can house up to dozens of bats – both mature and their offspring! Made from high quality cedar, this bathouse is durable and built to last! It is also well vented and will provide a good home for bats.

A bat is etched on the front of the bat house, in addition to a brass moon above it, to add to the overall aesthetics of this bathouse. It is not obtrusive, and can nicely fit on the side of a house or even on a tree.

A bathouse can be useful for many reasons. For example, bats are nature’s bug zappers! A normal bat can consume up to a thousand mosquitos per hour. That’s a meal of gargantuan proportions for a bat, and it will help keep mosquitos from your home. This bathouse also encourages bats to be nearby, but keeps them out of your home.

Triple Chamber Bathouse Details:

  • 17 inches tall
  • Made from high quality cedar
  • Non-obtrusive
  • Can house a variety of different bat families


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs


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