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This durable stainless steel garden tool set with hardwood handles includes four high quality tools and makes an excellent starter set for any gardener. It comes with a garden fork, a garden trowel, a garden cultivator and an excellent weeding and cutting tool. These are all the tools you need to get out and growing in the garden today. The tools feature durable stainless steel and rich, dark hardwood handles. This set makes a terrific gift for a friend or loved one who gardens, but it makes an even better gardening gift for yourself. Tool Descriptions: Garden Fork: Use this tool for weeding, loosening and cultivating the soil, or mixing compost into the soil. This short handled garden fork allows you to do fine detail work in the garden without disrupting your plants. Garden Trowel: A garden trowel is ideal for weeding, digging, transplanting, etc. This is an essential tool for any gardener. Garden Cultivator: This cultivator is ideal for aerating and loosening the soil and weeding. It is comfortable enough to use in tight spaces and will keep your garden healthy and happy. Weeding Cutting Tool: This tool features a long, trowel-like shape and a sharp edge for basic cutting. You can easily dig out weeds by the roots or cut away vines with this versatile tool.

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