Single Chamber Bat House Kit


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This single chamber bat house holds up to 100 bats at a time!

Made according to specifications from The Organization for Bat Conservation, this house is fashioned out of western red cedar with a 7-ply plywood backing. Both of these types of rot resistant wood were chosen to withstand the elements, repel boring insects, and keep the bats comfortably dry inside.

We’ve found that bat house mounted on poles or the eaves of buildings tend to become occupied quicker than houses mounted on trees. Bats have an easier time finding these structures because they aren’t hidden by leafy canopies.

The pieces of this bathouse are fully finished and ready for assembly. This is a great parent child project, or for a scouting group. Once the house is assembled and installed on a tree or sturdy post, you can begin to enjoy watching the bats come and go to their new bat house. Once assembled, this bat house will measure 24 inches tall x 14.25 inches long x 3 inches wide.

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