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After one to two seasons of heavy use, a reel mower from American Lawnmower / Great States will eventually need sharpening. If the mower becomes difficult to push, it may be because the blades are scarred with small dings and burrs from running over rocks and yard debris. This sharpening kit is perfect for restoring the sharp edge to your mower.

A clean edge is important because it will result in smoother mowing action. Sharp blades are less likely to catch on the grass, so they produce a smoother and healthier lawn. Mowers with sharp blades are easier to push, gentler on sore joints, and make less noise.

Works with these American Lawnmower / Great States reel mowers:

  • Scotts Elite 16″ Reel Push Mower 415-16S
  • Prison Reel Mower 1414-16
  • 7-Blade Bent Grass / Light 1705-16
  • Full Feature / Light 1415-16
  • American 18″ Deluxe Reel Push Mower 1815-18
  • Sears Craftsman reel mowers, models that start with 291

It is designed to work with 14 to 16 inch mower blades, like the Prison Reel Mower. For all 14″ mowers you will be required to cut the 16″ kit down to fit your 14″ mower. This can easily be done with a hack saw. Please note, once cut it is not returnable.

Unlike other reel mower blade sharpeners, this sharpening kit has no sharp edges and is less likely to cause a painful accident. You’ll be happy to know, it also can’t be turned into a weapon, and it’s difficult to conceal or deliberately damage.

The sharpener installs in less than 5 minutes and doesn’t take up much space in storage. This sharpening kit includes 2 parts – a railed backstop and three self-adhesive abrasive pads.

The backstop fits on the bottom of the mower and holds the abrasive pad in contact with the mower blades. The backstop attaches with a pair of screw clamps, and then all you have to do is push the mower around to sharpen the blades. It’s that simple! As they brush against the abrasive strip, any rust, burls, or dings will scrub away. While the sharpener is attached, the mower will be slightly more difficult to push than normal. But after a few rotations, the blades will shape right up and the sharpener can then be removed.

The reel mower sharpener should not be used while mowing, because it will cause excessive wear.

The abrasive pads are made with aluminum oxide, and each pad can be used several times before it needs replacing. They work just like a sheet of extra fine sandpaper, except that they are durable and can hold up to the stress and deliver a smooth, even finish to the edge of your blades.

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