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After months or years of use, every blade wears down and loses its sharp edge. This Rotary Push Lawn Mower and Tool Sharpener is a quick and easy way to restore that sharpness and put a clean edge back on the blade. The Mower Sharpener smooths out bumps and burls in the metal with just a few seconds of use. The sharpening tool is a quick way to restore your garden and lawn tools so they are in their best working condition.

The sharpener attaches to the end of a rotary drill and works just like an electric sanding attachment. It works with corded drills or cordless drills. It doesn’t require much torque, so you don’t need a high end drill for this attachment to work.

For the best results, remove your mower blade and brace it on a firm surface like a workbench or sidewalk. If your mower has an arrestor (a gear that makes the blade immobile) then you can lay the mower on its side and use this tool.

Sharp blades deliver clean cuts. Worn out blades shred and tear plants instead of cutting them. Clean cuts not only look better, but they also improve the health of your lawn. Ragged edges heal poorly and can cause crooked, unhealthy regrowth. Sharp blades are also easier to use. They cut faster and deliver less vibration to the handle. If your mower is hurting your elbows or making unpleasant sounds while mowing, it may be time to sharpen the blade.

This tool is reversible, and it can be used 10 or more times (depending on the type of metal that your blade is made out of). Some mowers are designed to be sharpened every few years. Other mowers only need to be sharpened once in the spring, so this sharpener will last for about a decade of normal use.

It works on reel mowers, gas mowers, electric mowers, and even hand tools such as spades, axes, and hoes.

Safety Instructions:

Before sharpening any mower, please read the complete instructions in the owner’s manual. It is best to remove the blades before sharpening, but some mowers can be laid on their side. For safety’s sake, please drain any gas and remove any batteries before sharpening blades. You should also use the arrestor gear and wedge the blades in place with a wooden block to prevent rotation.

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