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The screen door is one of the miracles of modern design, allowing air to flow while keeping out those pesky bugs… in theory at least. There are always a crafty few who lie in wait for the door to open or somehow find a microscopic hole to slip through. And once they’re inside, they breed. But you can stop them with one of the heavy-duty fly traps from Gardner and a few spare Replacement Glue Boards.

Replacement Glue Boards are the secret to any good fly trap. Unlike a bug zapper that electrocutes bugs, a fly trap works by drawing bugs to UV light and then trapping them on the sticky surface of a glue board.

Extremely inexpensive, especially when you consider how effective they are, Replacement Glue Boards come two to a pack and are scented in either cherry, peanut butter, chocolate or unscented.

Replacement Glue Boards Features:


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