Replacement Fly Trap Glue Boards EL-61 (10 pack)


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Browse our full section of fly control products for more ways to combat these pesky insects.

Flies can complete their lifecycle in as little as three days. So even if you’re constantly disposing of your trash, they may still reproduce before it’s picked up. But with the Replacement Fly Trap Glue Boards, you can trap them in one of the industrial-strength fly traps from Gardner and never have to worry about them finding their way inside. 10 glue boards per pack.

This is the same glue board as the Fly Trap Replacement Glue Boards EL-62, which is available in black. Glue boards do fill up. And it’s good that they do – it mean’s your home, office or business is bug-free.

So make sure you’ve got a few extra Replacement Fly Trap Glue Boards on hand to ensure that your environment is without bugs. Replacement boards come ten to a pack.

Replacement Fly Trap Glue Boards EL-61 Features:



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