Replacement Fly Trap Glue Boards EL-60 (10 Pack)


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How such a small thing can provide such an unbearable distraction is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Stop the buzzing before it starts with a durable fly trap from Gardner. Their secret is found in the powerful UV light that draws bugs in and catches them on the glue board. Each order contains 10 glue boards.

And to make sure your fly trap is functioning properly, it’s always best to keep a few spare Replacement Fly Trap Glue Boards on hand. Because unlike one of the bug zappers that actually electrocutes bugs, the trap relies on glue boards to keep them out of your home, office, eatery or business.

If you have a humane side, know that you’ll be sending them off in style as the Replacement Fly Trap Glue Boards. Each pack contains ten (10) replacement glue boards Features

Replacement Fly Trap Glue Boards EL-60 Features:

  • Each package includes ten replacement glue boards
  • Chemical-free way to kill insects
  • Compatible with the following models:
    FlyWeb Delta Light Fly Trap DS-105
    -64 Watt Ultraviolet Flying Insect Light Trap GT-200
    -Decorative Wall Sconce Light Fly Trap WS-85



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