Redwood Native Mason Bee Nesting Block


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Mason bees can get great to have around a garden, because they are able to improve pollination for spring flowers. Therefore, this relationship between bee/flower can result in a brighter, more vibrant garden! Mason bees like to live in holes in blocks of wood, as they are unable to make a tunnel for a hole for their own nest. The easiest way to ensure that these bees have a home is to obtain a bee house such as this one.

Made from recycled redwood, this handcrafted mason bee nesting block is durable and built to last.

Mason bees don’t require a large nest, and are very mild mannered and non-aggressive. They do not bear honey, which is why they are not aggressive. They will only sting if stepped on or squeeze, which makes them ideal to have in the garden. They live in the mason block, help pollinate and improve the quality of your flowers, and then stay in their own world the rest of the time. It’s a great relationship for your garden.

Mason Bee Block Placement Tip: When installing the block it is ideal to place it in the front of the house, or somewhere it will receive maximum sunlight and minimal wind and rain. By the end of June, the bees should have nested and the holes will be safely plugged with mud!

Dimensions (in inches): 11″ x 5″ x 5″

Also comes with information sheet containing facts/info about bee lodge and mason bees.

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