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Sharp reel mower blades are key to a positive reel mower experience. A clean edge is important because it will result in smoother mowing action. Sharp blades are less likely to catch or bind up on the grass. So, they produce a smoother and healthier lawn. Reel mowers with sharp blades are easier to push, gentler on sore joints, and make less noise.

This sharpening kit is perfect for restoring the sharp edge to your reel mower. It features a backstop and abrasive strips that both measure 20″ long, and is designed to work with the Scotts Classic Reel Mower. You can buy 2 extra abrasive strips in the drop down options above.

Unlike other blade sharpeners, this sharpening kit has no sharp edges and is less likely to cause a painful accident. It installs in less than 5 minutes. Its compact design doesn’t take up much space in storage. The kit includes 2 parts – a railed backstop and three self-adhesive abrasive pads.

The backstop fits onto the bottom of the mower and holds the abrasive pad in contact with the mower blades. The backstop attaches with a pair of screw clamps, and then all you have to do is push the mower around to sharpen the blades. It’s really a simple process. As they brush against the abrasive strip, any rust, burls, or dings will scrub away. Be aware while you push the mower around, you’ll experience slightly more resistance than normal. But, the blades will shape right up after just a few revolutions.

The abrasive pads are made with aluminum oxide, and each pad can be used several times before it needs replacing. They work just like a sheet of extra fine sandpaper, except more durable and can hold up to the stress and deliver a smooth, even finish to the edge of your blades.

This sharpening kit can be used with a variety of mowers, including push reel mowers, gas lawnmowers, and electric lawnmowers. Before using it, check the owner’s manual for your mower and follow all of the safety precautions.

Don’t forget to purchase 2 additional abrasive strips for $10.


What our customers are saying:

“Arriving the second day after ordered, the Scotts Classic Reel Mower Blade Sharpening Kit was lighter and less bulky than I expected, even though I watched the demonstration video. I applied an adhesive strip and pressed it firmly everywhere until the adhesive held all of the strip to the slight angle along the length of the backstop. Attaching it was as simple as in the video. I think of the reel as the rotating blades, and the stationary, adjustable blade as the bedknife. I had backed off all adjusting screws more than necessary, then tightened each rear screw to create a slight drag to rotation of the reel. Wow, the reel’s edges began to sparkle in the sunlight as I walked the mower up and down the driveway! After loosening the rear screws to remove the sharpener, I learned that, for me, tightening the right side rear screw first brings the bedknife into contact with the reel, and holding a strip of newspaper in the gap toward the left side allows me to judge how far! to tighten the other side. Then it’s a matter of tightening the forward screws into firm contact, and then fine-tuning each side until the bedknife barely resists rotation of the reel, but newspaper strips magically separate no matter where they are positioned along the bedknife. Wear a glove to rotate the reel to and fro by hand as I do–just keep fingers and thumbs out of the bedknife. I used more words than necessary, but believe me, this process is simpler, cleaner, quicker and truer than applying abrasive paste and forever cranking the reel backward to make that ‘magic’ happen.” -Gary.

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