Newspaper Pot Maker for Seed Starting


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Have you ever thought of making your own starter pots for seedlings out of newspaper? Well now you can, with this clever device! With this newspaper pot maker, you can create your own pots by rolling newspaper into a pot for your plants. This is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic garden pots, because it allows you another way to recycle your paper, and then easily transplant your plants into the garden when they are ready!

The paper pot maker consists of a press and a base. Both are made from solid maple, so they’re extra durable. Use of the paper pot maker is easy.

To use, simply follow these instructions: 1). Cut strips of newspaper into dimension of 3.5 inches x 10 inches

2). Roll the paper strips around the press and then fold under end
3). Press down on the base so the paper retains the shape of a pot and is secure
4). Remove the pot from the roller and base
5). Fill the pot with soil
6). Transplant seedlings or sow the seeds directly

Transplant into garden once plant is established That’s all there is to it! This product helps eliminate the need for plastic pots, and allows newspaper to be recycled while helping to beautify your garden. There’s no glue required! All you have to do is just roll and press and presto – you’ve got a recyclable pot ready for your garden!

Don’t want to make your own, but still want something that can be planted directly into the garden? See our biodegradable Cow Pots.

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