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The NatureZap DE is the new option in weed control. Not only is it convenient but it’s also effective and not harmful to you or the environment. No more trips to the store and no more lugging around heavy propane tanks! You don’t need to buy new bottles of dangerous chemicals or organic weed killers. It’s simply, Grab the NatureZap, point at the weed and let it die. The NatureZap DE is a kill to the root weed killing system.

Included with each order are rechargable batteries with the wand, 10 foot cord, carry bag and charger. The rechargable batteries are connected to the wand with a 10 foot cord, and a carry bag holds the rechargable batteries. Simply place your battery bag near your work area and start killing weeds.

The NatureZap DE uses a newly patented technology that uses a mix of light in a concentrated form to kill weeds dead to the root. It starts with injuring the leaves but because of the light it works its way through the soil to destroy the root system causing it to break down. This essentially damages the roots of the plants. Targeted to avoid damaging other plants or grassy areas.

Here is how it works: When you apply our recipe of light into the weed’s root, root crown, and leaves, you set off a chain of events that eliminates the weed. The IR light creates heat that cuts off the water supply from the root. While the UV light penetrates the ground to disrupt the root functions. Nature Zap can never be over applied.

The unique dome around the light on the NatureZap leaves the rest of the area untouched because the dome actually focuses the light into a controlled area. Chemicals or organic sprays you can use tend to over spray or have wind that spreads them to unwanted areas. With propane options you’re not able to control the flame. It’s much like a flame thrower if you have never used one. Kinda scary! The point I mean to make is that you are not able to target just one plant and avoid the good ones when you’re using open flames. The NatureZap dome acts as a way of controlling and focusing the light on the area you are targeting giving NatureZap a unique advantage over other forms of weed control.

Advantages of Nature Zap:

  • Kills weeds in paver stones without discoloring
  • Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals, over application of chemicals, and chemicals polluting our ground water
  • Control weeds without bothering surrounding plants
  • Easy to use
  • “No bending” to use; 33” tall
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Features include:

  • Patented Directed Energy Technique
  • Battery powered for easier portability
  • 10 foot cord allows you to set down the battery bag and easily move around yard
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Rechargable Batteries included
  • 2 year warranty

We have tested our product thoroughly through Central State University. The NatureZap has been proven to work across a broad spectrum of weeds. We have include a list of the current weeds testing has been preformed on below and we will continue to add more.

dandelion, rag weed, Clover, lambsquarters weed, crabgrass, palmer amaranth weed, purslane weed, tall moningglory weed, foxtail weed, tansymustard weed, dallas grass, fringed pigweed, barnyard grass, buckhorn plantain weed, and many many others.

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