Mascot 21 inch 6 bladed reel mower


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This is just one of our many great push reel mowers.

The Mascot 21 inch mower is a 6 bladed reel mower with the widest cutting width available of any reel mower. It’s very similar to the 18 inch mascot mower, but the extra 3 inches of cutting width make a world of difference.

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This mower is tough. The frame is made from twelve gauge steel, and it weighs approximately 45 pounds! The added cutting width adds to a little of the added weight to the mower. This helps the Mascot 21 inch mower really stick to the ground – you’re not going to see a lot of bumping around on the lawn with this mower! It also makes it easier to plow through thicker grasses, such as Saint Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia grass.

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The Mascot also has a wide range of height adjustments – as it can be adjusted from heights of 3 inches, all the way down to approximately one inch. The six heat-treated blades will factor in for a smooth cut, every time. The reel and cutter bar work together with the reel making minimum contact with the cutting bar. This results in one of the highest quality cuts around for your lawn. Your neighbors will be jealous.

While the mascot is made in China, it is shipped to the USA, and then checked over by our Amish suppliers. They personally sharpen, lube, and adjust each Mascot mower before it ships. This ensures that you are getting a quality mower that adheres to their rigid standards. Nothing ships from the warehouse that hasn’t been quality tested and treated. When you receive your mower, this means all you have to do is attach the handle and assemble. The rest of the care taking has been done for you!

Additional Mascot 21 inch 6 Bladed Reel Mower Details:

  • Extra durable handle
  • Six heat-treated blades
  • 10″ wheels
  • Weighs approximately 45 pounds
  • Great for thick grass
  • Sturdy, rugged construction
  • Adjustable three piece poly roller prevents lawn grooves
  • Minimal contact with cutter bar produces quality cut
  • Easy assembly

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