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Are your houseplants getting sunburn or wilting to death? Find the right place to grow your plants, and choose the right plants for any room with these indoor light measuring sticks. Often, the first sign of insufficient light is when plants start to wilt and die. If you are moving a healthy plant to a new location, there’s no need to flip a coin and hope that it lives. With these test strips, you can check different locations until you find a suitable place for your prize plant. There are many different plants that will do well in almost any setting. Whether you have a brightly lit sunroom or a gloomy basement, there are plants that will thrive there. Some plants do well in full light, but die in partial shade. Other plants do well in heavy shade and die in full light. In order to find the right plants, it’s important to evaluate the amount of light that your planting area, windowsill, or shelf receives. These light measuring tools are an easy way to evaluate light conditions. They quickly indicate how much light an area receives and which types of plants will grow best. The home Sun Sticks don’t require any gardening expertise and they give simple, easy to read results instead of technical information. How to measure light levels: To use this tool, start with an empty pot or planter. Put the measuring tool on the soil in the exact same place where you intend to grow your plant, and uncover the reactive sundisk. Within 20 minutes, the indicator on top of the flower will change color. The more light the are receives, the more the SunDisk will change color. How to use this information These work just like pH strips – they change color to indicate the light intensity. The included color chart is easy to use in decoding the amount of light. Once you know how much light you have to work with, it’s easy to pick out appropriate plants. There are many online resources that list shade loving houseplants, such as Chinese Evergreens and Peace Lilies or full sun houseplants, such as marigolds, daisies, poppies, and geraniums. At the nursery, plants are often labeled with their sun preference. For conversion: Low light plants prefer 75 to 150 foot-candles of light, Medium light intensity plants thrive in 200 to 500 foot-candles, and High light intensity plants need 500 to 1000 foot-candles of sunlight. Contents: Each light sensitive strip is designed for a single use, and your order includes 3 flower tops, 3 reactive sun discs, and a color chart. An outdoor model is also available.

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