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New lid design. The new lid lock keeps the lid closed and sealed during If you’re looking for a greener alternative to washing your clothes, it doesn’t get much greener than our hand powered laundry machine (well, laundry washer, it’s not really a machine if you crank it yourself!).

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This portable washing machine requires no electricity, which saves money in energy bills. It is also portable, which enables you to use it in places that don’t have electricity. Also, this portable wonder wash washing machine uses a patented pressure system that forces your added water and detergent into the fabric as you rotate the drum. This creates an efficient, effective and economic washing experience.

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When you’re in a hurry to wash a few items, this washing machine easily solves the problem of having to wait around for your electric or gas washing machine to complete a full load of laundry or feel bad about only washing a few items at a time.

Made of plastic with no mechanical parts, the hand powered washing machine comes assembled. Just attach the handle and go! It can last a lifetime and requires no maintenance. Also our unique drain hose allows you to easily drain the wash drum into the sink without having to pick up the machine and dump it into the sink like other inferior models.

Because this washing machine is so small, it’s easy to store and move from one place to another. This is an ideal washing machine to have with you in an RV, on road trips, at weekend sports tournaments, in apartments, especially those with limited access to laundry areas, on camping trips and those who want to make their lifestyle more energy efficient.

This small washing machine uses less water and powder detergent per load of laundry. The washing cycle is also extremely fast (from 10 seconds to 2 minutes) saving you an extraordinary amount of time. If you work in the yard or outside frequently and don’t like to put your really dirty clothes in the wash with your other clothes, this washing machine allows you to easily separate them and get them thoroughly clean without staining other clothes.

How it works:

  • Insert your dirty laundry along with a measured amount of water and soap (instructions are included that list the appropriate amounts and temperatures)
  • Secure the lid, flip down latch
  • Turn the handle approximately one turn per second
  • Once the washing is done, release the pressure of the lid by slowly turning the knob
  • Drain gray water using the supplied drain hose, refill, tighten lid, rotate 30 seconds and drain.
  • Then wring and hang the clothes to dry!

How much it holds:

Load Size 1 Pound 2 Pounds 3 Pounds 4-5 Pounds
1 tbsp – 0.5 oz
2 tbsp – 1 oz
3 tbsp – 1.5 oz
4 tbsp – 2 oz
1.5 quarts
3 quarts
4.5 quarts
6 quarts
1:00 min
1:15 min
1:30 min
2:00 min

Five pounds of clothes is equal to approximately 10 shirts or 2 pairs of jeans. Avoid overloading the washing chamber and only tighten the screws a moderate amount. The washing machine is durable and sturdy, and it will last for a long time if you exercise common sense while using it. Dimensions: 12″L x 12″W x 16″H

What size load fits in the Wonder Wash:

  • 7-8 dress shirts or
  • 10 T-shirts or
  • 30 pairs of socks or
  • 2-3 pairs of blue jeans

What Our Customers Are Saying: “I live in a 3rd floor walk-up in Brooklyn, NYC and this is the best laundry solution ever!! I can wash my work shirts, jeans, undergarments, pillow cases, towels and even bed sheets. No more running to the laundry mat and paying $5 bucks for a load. You also save money on electricity and water. It takes very little effort to work the machine and clothes are actually cleaned faster. OMG, Truly clean clothes!! Since I really wanted to save money I also purchased the spin dryer. I didn’t expect it to be as big as it was, but I am very happy with it’s size. Now I can dry more clothes while I leave pre-washing/soaking a bit another load. I placed it straight in the spin dryer soaking wet for a minute or two and VOILA! my clothes are about 95% dry. Now it only takes a half of day for the clothes to be completely dry. Awesome products!” Glenda G. Brooklyn, NY

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