Guttersense Ultimate Rain Gutter Cleaning Tool


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Why Buy From Us?

Do you dread climbing ladders to clean the gutters?

Imagine if you had a rain gutter cleaning tool that makes gutter maintenance easy from the ground. Would that change things? Homeowners have wished for such a tool for a half-century.

Here’s what we like about the Guttersense Ultimate Rain Gutter Cleaning Tool:

  • Gutter cleaning tool fits on an ordinary extension pole.
  • Designed light enough to reach a two story gutter.
  • Grasps even light pine needles, instead of pushing them around.
  • Cleans beneath the gutter supports.
  • Does not get you or the woodwork wet or blow the debris all over.

The paddles are 2.5 inches wide, which is small enough to fit in almost all standard rain gutters. At full extension, the tongs spread out 16 inches apart. If your gutter has supports that are closer than 16 inches apart, that isn’t a problem. When using the Guttersense Ultimate Rain Gutter Cleaning Tool, you have control over how far apart the tongs spread up to the maximum width.

Adjust the tongs forward (see image above) and you can use it to grasp out-of-reach lightweight objects.

Please note the extension pole is not included! They are much too expensive to ship. It is more practical to pick one up at a local hardware store, or use the one you already have in your garage or storage shed. If you have a pole for a tree saw, long rake, or pool scoop, there’s no need for the clutter of extra poles laying around.

Update on new product:

“We replaced the plastic used to make the tongs with Glass Filled Acetal, which prevents the monofiliment from cutting through the plastic tong under heavy pulling action. The better wear and lubricity characteristics of Acetal eliminate the problem while the other physical characteristics of the part remain relatively unchanged or improved (e.g. better oil resistance and smoother running).”

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