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Grampa’s Weeder is one of the coolest, most effective, effortless weed puller ever. With its simple lever action and durable metal construction, this tried and true tool is ingeniously designed and made to last forever. Since 1913, gardeners young and old have used this weeding tool to extract weeds and their roots easily, with just a step of their foot and a tilt of the handle. Senior gardeners are especially fond of Grampa’s Weeder, as it allows them to weed without bending, pulling or kneeling. People with children and pets, along with environmentally conscious gardeners enjoy weeding their yards and gardens without the use of harmful chemicals. Simple To Use: Step 1 Center Grampa’s Weeder over a weed, with the footpad lever pointing to either the right or left foot. Step 2 Press your foot on the footpad lever and push Grandpa’s Weeder into the ground, around the weed. Step 3 Remove your foot and tilt the handle toward the footpad lever and out comes the weed! Handle is made of wood, and measures 3 1/2 feet. The bottom is made of investment cast metal for strength and durability. What our customers are saying: “I purchased Granpa’s Weeder and received it in a very timely manner. Also, it is important to add that it really does work. I would recommend it for anyone who needs to take care of their back. (isn’t that nearly everyone?)” “My son gave me a Grampa’s Weeder for Mother’s Day and I have found it most useful. Having arthiritis in my neck and shoulders, I have difficulty bending over and pulling weeds. This tool made pulling dandelions much easier. Thanks!”

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