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This item is now available in standard and oversize models. The Standard is a 2 by 3 inch size.

The Garden Watersaver Downspout Rainwater Collector is designed to capture water from a downspout to be collected in a rain barrel. Rainwater flows from the roof into the gutter downspout and gets captured by the Watersaver in the reservoir.

When the reservoir fills, the water then takes the path of least resistance, which is the Watersaver’s lower exit spout that leads, via a hose, to the rain barrel. When the rain barrel is full, back pressure releases the water out of the upper exit spout into the normal drainage system.

This is a much more sophisticated, efficient and elegant solution to capturing rainwater than the typical flexible downspout redirector.

When your rain barrel fills up, extra water runs through your downspout again instead of through an overflow hose on your rain barrel!

Garden Watersaver Downspout Rainwater Collector Specifications:
Fits standard downspout. 2×3 is the standard size, but the 3×4 size is common in homes built or remodeled after 2000. Please measure your downspout before placing your order.

Garden Watersaver Downspout Rainwater Collector Kit Includes:

  • Water Diverter Unit
  • 5’ hose tubing: Long enough to give you options to locate rain barrel.
  • 2 Deactivating Plug: Easy deactivation when you don’t need it.
  • Fastening Screws: Holds your water diverter in place.
  • Installation instructions: Simple and concise instructions.

Deactivating Plug Explained:

  • We recommend taping to the hose to prevent losing.
  • If you don’t want to collect any more water because it is winter or some other reason, simply plug up the downspout. After plugging the downspout, it works just like a regular downspout again.

New models of the WaterSaver do not have mounting holes (even though the package still shows an old picture). They were re-designed for screwless installation. Screws are still included if you want to attach the diverter for a more secure fit. Your order may also contain a spare Deactivating Plug.

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