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If your garden shears or tree pruners are cutting a bit ragged, this tool is a quick way to sharpen them. Our sharpener works with various sizes and shapes of blades, including those found on curved and angled trimmers. The tool is notched to provide your choice of 25, 35, 45, or 55 degree inclination. The sharpener has a durable plastic body that encloses an abrasive sharpening stone.

The stone is treated with silicon carbide, which provides a smooth and long-lasting sharpening surface. This stone is extremely tough and works with even the toughest of heat-treated metals. It’s designed to work with secateurs, loppers, tree pruners and pruning knives and can accommodate curved or straight edge blades.

The Grinding jig ensures sharpening at the correct angle for your tool. It can be manually reset to a sharper angle if you want a tapering edge. The fixed post prevents the angle from wobbling during sharpening, so the edge is smooth and uniform. This sharpener is made in the United Kingdom and recommended by the Royal National Rose Society .

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