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Every year our staff of gardening experts pick their top 4 products from our inventory of more than 1,000 different products. The electronic soil tester is a member of that very short list.

This multipurpose electronic soil tester allows you to monitor the conditions of the soil pH, soil moisture, light intensity, and total combined nitrogen and phosphorus and potash levels (NPK). This information really helps pinpoint what you need to know to prepare for gardening success.

Why is monitoring your soil important?

A successful garden starts with the right soil conditions, because all plants have their preferred growing conditions.

  • The soil pH level will affect how well plants utilize the total nutrients available in the soil. These nutrients are the building blocks the plant requires for successful growth.
  • Successful growth cannot be achieved with inadequate or improper light amounts.
  • And even if these three growing conditions are ideal, a garden will not thrive if it is over or under watered.

The electronic soil tester lets you to test and monitor the most important conditions for the healthy growth of all your garden plants. You can use it before you grow your garden to help determine what your soil needs and whether there is enough light to grow plants where you want to grow them.

To use the electronic soil tester, simply slide the selector switch to the test being performed.

For the pH or fertility tests, prepare a soil sample and insert the probes into the sample. Within seconds, the meter will indicate the pH or fertility conditions of your soil. It has a pH test range from 0 (very acidic) to 9 (very alkaline). Check your results against a detailed pH preference list is included with the tool, or determine if fertilizer application is required based on your readings.

To determine moisture level, just probe deep near the roots to measure whether watering is necessary. An included moisture guide will help you know if the soil is sufficiently moist.

Light is measured by placing the photocell located on top of the meter at leaf level and pointing it directly at the light source. By checking the chart that is included, you can tell if your plants are receiving the necessary light.

This tool is ideal to help decide which plants will work best in each particular area of your yard or garden. It also helps you learn whether you’re not watering enough or too much, or if you need to improve the condition of your soil.

Electronic Soil Tester Includes:

  • Multi-purpose electronic soil tester
  • Detailed pH preference list
  • Soil moisture guide
  • Light level chart

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