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Compost Starter is a natural biological activator for use with compost piles and solid organic wastes. Many people like to use a compost starter with their compost bin to get the decomposition process started a little faster. It not only ensures a faster startup time but also a more complete digestion of organic waste. Not the composting accessory you’re looking for? Check out our entire selection of Composting Accessories. Compost Starter contains specific bacterial and fungal cultures that are needed to inoculate a new compost pile. Our compost starter is 100 percent natural and environmentally safe. This little 4 ounce container can treat up to 1,000 lbs of material to be composted. Application Instructions Mix 1 oz. Compost Starter with water (amount of water is not critical) and spray evenly over each 250 lbs. of material to be composted. Mix or agitate material after application. If you are starting with a smaller amount of compost, you can use a relatively smaller amount of the starter. So even though it is only four ounces, it can last for many small batches.

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