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The Unifork combines the best parts of two different tools into one super tool. Just like a spork combines a spoon and a fork, this tool offers the scooping action of a shovel with the aerating power of a pitchfork. It’s light weight, and easy to use on compost, mulch, leaves, straw, or other bulky material. When you need to dig into a pile of loose material and spread it easily, the Mulch Fork slides in easily and picks up a full load.

Technical Details

  • Weight: Less than 3 lbs
  • Length: 45 inches
  • Composition: High-grade polypropylene
  • Manufactured in England

The Composting Fork works well because of its careful design. It’s shaped for maximum carrying capacity with minimal weight. The tines have a star shaped profile and taper along their length. They act as a wedge into the material, gathering it into the curved rear of the blade. Not the composting accessory you’re looking for?

Check out our entire selection of Composting Accessories. Unlike a metal pitchfork, the Unifork is safe around children and pets because there are no sharp corners or edges. If you accidentally leave your compost spork on the ground, about the only thing you have to worry about is stubbing your toe. It’s also easy to spot; it’s available in several bright colors that stand out in your yard even when autumn leaves are falling.

Color choices:
Fiery Red – This color matches toy fire trucks, radio flyer wagons, and matador capes – it really catches the eye.

Fiery red is the only color currently available.


The following colors are temporarily out of stock (but will be available again soon).
Country Green – With the color of growing things, this handle shows your plants how it’s done
Baby Blue – Put a piece of the sky in your hands!
Hot Pink – If you’re worried about anyone stealing your compost fork, Barbie’s favorite color is a good theft deterrent choice! This gardening tool is extremely rugged – you can run it over with a truck and it will bounce back without gouging the tires. It won’t rust, rot, or corrode. Since it isn’t made of metal, it wont make a cold day worse by chilling your hands.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs


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