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The Bond ultimate pruning combo set is an ideal set of three garden tools that’s perfect for any home gardener. The included bypass pruner, bypass lopper and hedge shears can easily take care of all garden plants from small flowers to large hedges. With a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, these garden tools are proven to work hard and stay sharp for years to come. Bypass pruners Ideal for pruning flowers and other garden plants, these bypass pruners are easy to use. The scissor-like blades create a clean cut. Non-slip handle grips provide extra strength and stability as you maneuver through plants. A security locking mechanism keeps the pruners closed when not in use and a coil spring helps take strain off the hands. Bypass loppers Bypass loppers are great to have for taller bushes or even trees. The long, lightweight oval steel handles provide the leverage to easily slice through branches. The padded, non-slip grips add extra stability, too. With strong, long lasting blades, these loppers are great for pruning live growth to promote new and more structured tree growth. They also help clean up dying or diseased plants by removing the damaged branches. Hedge shears These wavy-blade hedge shears help keep branches in place while you trim them, giving you a more precise cut. Rubber shock absorbers take the strain off hands and arms as you trim hedge or bush branches. The lightweight, tubular handles are padded with a non-slip grip, which allows you to work longer while maintaining a good grip on the shears. Bond Ultimate Pruning 3 Piece Combo Set Features:

  • Set includes: bypass pruners, bypass loppers and hedge shears
  • All handles are coated with a non-slip grip
  • Safety locking device on bypass pruners
  • Rubber shock absorbers on hedge shears
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty

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