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Tired of paying for very expensive grease cleanouts of your grease trap?

This grease trap cleaner and aid uses the most powerful Microbial Enzyme technology available to rapidly digest the waste matter in your grease trap.

It really works! Includes three (3) 100 gram packets per order.

Fats, oils greases and solids are hydrolyzed by the powerful enzymes. These contaminants are converted to their final elements which are off-gassed as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor.

In the process your grease trap is rapidly deodorized and will operate with a substantially higher efficiency level.

This Grease Trap Cleaner Aid uses the same technology in commercial sewerage treatment plants, which helps the sewer system cope with contaminated discharges.

Used regularly, Grease Trap Cleaner and Aid is the easiest and most cost effective maintenance you can perform for your grease trap to provide years of hassle free service and reduced costs related to clean out and odor.

Key Benefits of Bio Enzyme Grease Trap Cleaner / Aid:

  • Prevents grease build-up
  • Fully digests solids reducing costly grease trap pump-out costs
  • Active Microbes and Enzymes rapidly break down line blockages and odor causing compounds
  • Suitable for all grease trap systems
  • Rapidly removes grease trap and drain line odors (does not mask them)
  • Will not harm metal pipes
  • Boosts bio-chemical degradation of sewerage
  • Harmful bacteria and fungal growth are reduced
  • Ground water pollution is significantly reduced
  • Fast acting
  • Easy application and can be applied to any drain or sink
  • Only requires monthly treatment for optimal performance
  • Reduces gas pressure in plumbing and pipes
  • 100 percent organic and biodegradable
  • Non-toxic, non-chemical, non-pathogenic
  • Harmless to humans and the environment

Grease Trap Cleaner Packaging:  Comes with three 100 gram packets.

Instructions for Grease Trap Cleaner Use:

1. Use right after you complete a pump-out.

2. Fill a sink with 2 1/2 gallons of warm water (120° F. Do not exceed 150° F.)

3. Open packet and add required dosage as per instructions on the box.

4. Mix well.

5. Allow to stand for 10 minutes to ensure microbes are fully activated.

6. Discharge solution into drain.

7. Avoid excessive use of disinfectant cleaners which impede the microbes.

8. Repeat procedure monthly as indicated in the table below

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