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All new design with new features and details! Here is a simple, but extremely effective big, round compost bin. It holds an impressive 18 cubic feet of materials, which is about 50% larger than most other bins. With such a large capacity and low price, it is one of our best value composters.

Not sure which composter is right for you? Check out Composter Reviews: Lars’s Quick Picks. So feel free to throw in leaves, grass clippings, food scraps and everything else you can think of! You’ll have a hard time filling this one up, and an even harder time keeping it full as it quickly breaks down materials into rich compost. Constructed from 100 percent post-consumer HDPE black plastic with ultra-violet light inhibitors to prevent fading.

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Bin wall is 1/10″ thick and forms a hoop 30 inches tall that has a wide open top for easy mixing and aerating with a three foot wide thermoformed lid to protect the contents from animals and excess rain. This composter measures; 30″ tall and 36″ across for 18 cubic feet capacity. Hand holds at three locations around the top allow the unit to be easily lifted off of the working pile. This allows you to move the bin over a few feet and shovel all the materials back in, effectively mixing and aerating your compost. (You can also leave it in place and take out the finished compost through the bottom access gate.) Air intakes around the bottom total 135 square inches while solid upper body retains the heat. The bottom gate allows easy access to the richer compost found at the base of the pile. Handle provides easy opening.

There are intake slits around the base draw up air through the pile, aiding decomposition. The enclosed parts packet includes 4 stainless steel carriage bolts and wing nuts, three holding stakes that hold the bin in place when it is empty, bottom access gate handle, assembly instructions and a Guide to Backyard Composting booklet. Assembly time is estimated to be approximately fifteen minutes with no tools required. Steps are: Open the bin to lay flat for a few minutes, form a hoop at the chosen size to insert and hand tighten the four carriage bolts, and locate the three pegs around the base to hold the empty bin in place. This design is easy to use, whether you’re just starting out with gardening or have decades of experience under your belt.

To learn more about how to get the best results, visit the Compost Instructions web site. For example, if your compost dries out too quickly, you can help retain moisture by adding Coir to the compost mix. The bin package is shipped with all parts and materials in a 40″ long box that weighs 18 pounds.

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