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Unlike many bat houses that are simply made to look pretty to the owner, this bat house is actually designed with bats in mind, using North American Bat House Research Project guidelines.

Why would you want bats to move in? Because bats are great for safe, natural pest control. They consume large quantities of insects such as mosquitos, grasshoppers, moths, flies, crickets, gnats and fruit flies while you sleep.

A single brown bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes in one hour!

We looked around for the perfect bat house and found this one. This bat house is constructed of cedar with an exterior plywood back, and no stains or paints are used. The cedar will eventually weather to a gray color that blends in with the natural environment.

The bat house will get best results if it is located 15 to 20 feet off the ground , facing the southeast. Bats tend to find bat houses mounted on poles much faster than those mounted on trees. You can also mount a bat house under the eaves of your house, provided it is high enough off the ground.


  • Single Chamber, plenty of room for a happy bunch of bats.
  • Landing Perch, which ensures that your bats can easily get in and out of their bat house.
  • Front & Side Vent Holes, to keep the bats comfortably acclimated.
  • Roughened Cedar Construction for years of use, with a 3/4″ exterior plywood back (for easy mounting with screws or nails)
  • Assembled With Galvanized Screws which are tough and durable.
  • Built to OBC Specs (the Organization for Bat Conservation) based on 10 years of research.
  • Caulked Water Tight Sloped Roof.
  • Comes Completely Assembled With Mounting Screws Already Attached. Simply set it up and they will come.
  • Constructed with wood screws instead of toxic or smelly glues to keep your bats healthy.
  • No paint or finishes are used. Just natural, long lasting weather resistant wood.
  • Interior nylon mesh for maneuverability
  • Extended landing area at the entrance
  • Ventilation slot promotes air circulation
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 4″ x 24″
  • Bat house can provide shelter for up to 100 bats!

“Enclosed, please find a picture of the above bathouse my wife and I purchased from you. Not only do we love it, but so do the bats!” — Mark A, Louisville, Kentucky

“I recently ordered a Bat Box. I was expecting it to be put together with staples along with flimsy craftsmanship like you normally get when you buy from a local discount home center. When I received it I discovered that it was built like the old proverbial brick outhouse, built to last. It was well worth the money.” — Jim J

“Your offer clinched the deal for me. I gave the bat house (picture included) to my mother-in-law. She lives down south and has a lot of bats around her house. She is very pleased with the house. I’m planning on putting the second bat house here at my house on a light pole near our barn.” — Molly K, Springville, New York

“We, too, love our bat house. The instructions warned us that it might take a while for the bats to find the house… not so! They moved in within a month!” — John and Mary Beth M, West Chester, Pennsylvania

“You said the houses would hold 50 bats each…WELL we sit on the patio and count our bats coming out late in the evening. On April 26, 2008 we counted 116 bats coming out [of 2 houses] and they have not had their babies yet! We have really enjoyed our houses and are now trying to figure out where to put another pole. Thanks.” — Butch and Gayle, Tupelo, Mississippi

“The bat house was purchased and mounted on a pole like you suggested. We were beginning to think that we had no bats until we counted 14 coming out one night. Our bats leave around 8pm and return around 4:30-5am, well worth getting up for. We have already decided where to place our Special Bonus free second bat house. Thanks for the great fun.” — Butch & Gayle J.-Tupelo, Ms.

SPECIAL BONUS! Send us a picture of your bat house that you purchased from Clean Air Gardening after bats have moved in and we’ll send you a second bat house free. Buy a bat house online from us today!

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