90 or 158 Gallon Compost Bin


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This round, cylindrical shaped compost bin works fast to break down leaves, grass clippings and vegetable scraps into rich compost. Two bins are pictured so that you can see both sizes, but you will only receive one bin if you add one to your shopping cart. The compost bin comes either with a 27 inch diameter or a 36 inch diameter, depending on which model you choose. Both models are 36 inches tall. The 27 inch diameter compost bin holds approximately 90 gallons worth of materials, and the 36 inch diameter model holds an impressive 158 gallons worth. Not the composter you’re looking for? Take a look at our full selection of standard compost bins. The compost bin is manufactured in Oregon, USA and made of recycled plastic. The sides are perforated so that the compost gets good aeration. Both the lid and the bottom are made of a thick, heavy plastic, that is also perforated. Cool Features about this Composter

  • Made in Oregon, USA.
  • Round shape means no corners, so compost breaks down quicker.
  • Has both a top and a bottom. No open bottom on the ground like most bins. Okay for decks and patios!
  • Contains recycled plastic.
  • No tools required for assembly.
  • Plenty of holes in the sides, for good aeration.
  • Comes in either a large or an extra large size.

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