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Once A Year Food Scrap Compost Bin (composter)

75.00 LBS

Product Description

Why Buy From Us?

So you want to compost your food scraps, but don't want to mess with the complications of a compost pile? We've found your solution! The Once a Year Food Scrap Compost Bin is a large, sealed cone. The key to how it works is that the bottom of the cone is buried approximately 18 inches into the ground. The bottom section of the compost bin has holes in it, and is almost identical to one of those round laundry baskets. This underground opening allows aeration and breakdown of the scraps without smells. The section above ground is sealed when the top is closed, so it's safe from vermin, pets, etc.

This composter isn't designed for large amounts of leaves or bags of grass clippings. It's designed to let you recycle your own food scraps and reduce the amount of garbage you might otherwise send to a landfill. It can handle the average amount of vegetable food scraps from a family of four. Looking for an easier more functional composter?

Try the Spin Bin compost tumbler .

It took our tester about an hour to completely assemble the unit. You'll need a shovel to dig a hole about two feet deep, in order to bury the bottom section of the composter. The top section attaches to the bottom with metal screws. It's easiest to assemble with a power screwdriver, but you can do it with a normal one with a bit more effort. After a year or two, when the compost bin fills up, you simply unscrew the top section and remove it, pull out the basket from the ground, and distribute the rich compost that you've made. You'll want to stop adding new material during the last couple of weeks before you empty it, so that you won't have half decomposed scraps mixed with your finished compost.

Not the composter you’re looking for? Take a look at our full selection of standard compost bins. The compost bin should be placed in a location that gets a decent amount of direct sunlight, because heat from the sun helps break down the materials inside.


  • 1 Green Cone (and assembly components)
  • Instructions

Measures 27"H, 24" base diameter , 11.5" top diameter. Learn more about composting here.

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