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Mycorrhizal Fungi Root Builder

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Product Description

Read our complete guide to Mycorrhizal fungi here.

In healthy soils, mycorrhiza is a naturally occurring fungus known to aid in the uptake of nutrients through a symbiotic relationship with the feeder roots of plants.

Mycorrhizal fungi are tiny, harmless critters that attach themselves to plant roots and actually help plants to make use of water and organic nutrients in the soil. They live on the roots of roughly 95% of all earth’s plant species. In exchange for what they provide the plant, the plant offers the fungi a meal of sugars (fixed carbon) produced by the photosynthesis process.

Unfortunately, many gardening tasks can negatively affect these delicate fungi. The use of chemical fertilizers, tilling, and hoeing can disrupt or even destroy the mycorrhizal fungi found in your soil.

Also, many of the plants we purchase from nurseries lack the necessary mycorrhizal fungi growing on their roots when we plant them. Furthermore, our home garden soils may lack enough mycorrhizal fungi to truly benefit our plants.

To help you improve soil health in your garden, we offer a high quality and OMRI-listed Mycorrhizal Fungi shaker consisting of 3 carefully selected species of endomycorrhizae.

University and field trials have documented significant improvement in the establishment of roots and subsequent growth by inoculating the soil or planting media with mycorrhizae.

This Mycorrhizal Fungi is composed of 3 species: Glomus intraradices, G. Mosseae, and G. Aggregatum. The product is blended so that the 3 species are included in equal proportions, or 20,000 propagules of each.

The carrier is a Montmorillonite Clay. It is 90 to 93 percent Montmorillonite and 7 - 10 percent Quartz (crystalline silica). It is classified as an agricultural carrier. The maker uses this material because it is porous and the mycorrhizae can impregnate the small spaces.

Shaker contains 12 ounces.

Application Rates:

For planting, apply 1 or 2 tablespoons per gallon planting size.

For turf, apply 1/4 to 1/2 pounds per 1,000 square feet of grass, during installation of turf, or during aeration.

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