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Lawn Aerator Shoes

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Product Description

Why Buy From Us?

Every year our staff of gardening experts pick their top 4 products from our inventory of more than 1,000 different products. These lawn aerating shoes are a member of that very short list.

Turf grass is one of the only plants in our landscaping that we actively walk on. We use our lawns for lounging, playing, etc. We also have to regularly mow the grass. With all this use and weight, the soil under our lawns gets compacted and becomes less healthy with time. These lawn aerating sandals provide an easy way to revitalize hard compacted soils. Aerating your soil creates passages that allow air, water and nutrients to reach the root system.

The long spikes on these sandals penetrate deep into the ground, opening up spaces in compacted soil that let your soil breathe. With more air pockets under your turf, the roots will make better use of water and nutrients. This means a greener, healthier lawn.

These aerator shoes have an obvious advantage over other lawn aerating tools, which makes them a best choice. You use all your body weight to push the spikes into the soil as you walk, making for a carefree experience. No you won't have to carry a heavy tool around your yard to aerate. Now you simply walk normally, and the 26 spikes push into the ground with each step, opening up the soil and exposing the roots to the air they need.

This great gardening gadget is perfect for older gardeners or for those with problems using heavy tools. Lawn aeration sandals are easy to use.

Keeping your lawn properly aerated is an important way to keep the grass growing strong. When you buy these spiked shoes for lawns, you can keep your grass healthy.

Now you can wear these lawn aerator sandals that slip over your shoes when you mow, taking care of two things at once. The lawn aerator shoes take about 10 minutes to assemble.

Lawn Aerating Sandal Features:

  • Universal fit goes over most any size shoe or boot. Simply adjust the straps for larger shoes.
  • Has twenty 1.25" spikes -- longer than other sandals.
  • Thick footplate for strength.
  • Front toe kick to knock off dirt/grass build-up.
  • Heavy gauge straps stay tight on your foot.

Have your seen our traditional lawn aerator?

Product Videos

Lawn Aerator Shoes 00:37

http://www.cleanairgardening.com/aeratorshoes.html These lawn aerator shoes from Clean Air Gardening can help aerate and revitalize hard, compacted soil. They are easy to assemble and fit right over you shoes. In addition, they are also easy to use - simply walk over the grass to aerate and that's it. There are twenty 1.25" spikes on these shoes. Combined with your body weight, they aerate the grass while you walk over it. It's that easy! To save time, you can even wear them while you mow your lawn! For more information on these great lawn aerator shoes, click the link at the top of this video description.

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    http://www.cleanairgardening.com/aeratorshoes.html These lawn...

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