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Ironing Boards

Check out our selection of ironing boards and other ironing products, and make your laundry ecofriendly.

We have a great choice of ironing boards and accessories that will make ironing easier and time efficient. Plus, we carry wall mounted or folding ironing boards, large and small, that are easy to store. See below for our full line of ironing boards, tabletop ironing boards, ironing board covers, wall ironing boards, iron rests, and ironing board hangers for easy storage.

Why is doing laundry and ironing at home ecofriendly?

Drycleaning raises environmental concerns. The process uses chemical solvents, like Perchloroethylene, or referred to as perc by the EPA. The EPA monitors the disposal of the chemical wastes from drycleaning. The chemicals can contaminate the air, ground, and water systems.

Also, the chemical solvents can leave residues in the clothes that are easily absorbed by the skin. So, just bypass the drycleaners and save the errand. See our time saving ironing products below.

If you're ready for the next step in greening your laundry, don't miss our outdoor clothes dryers.