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Faux Whiskey Rain Barrel

89.99 LBS
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Product Description

See our extensive line of rain barrels for sale in our rain barrel section.

For decades, whiskey barrels have been a popular choice for collecting rainwater. These barrels have rustic charm, they hold plenty of water, and they are sturdy. The problem with wooden rain barrels is that start to rot very quickly. Wooden rainbarrels also attract termites and they become stained from the metal hoops that support them.

This faux Whiskey Rain Barrel works just like a cooper's barrel, but it will last for many years. This barrel has a 50.44 gallon capacity - that's about 20 gallons more than a standard whisky barrel. The Faux Whisky Barrel holds roughly as much rainwater as a hogshead, and that's one of the largest wooden barrels available. This rain collection barrel is made from UV stabilized plastic.

Since this barrel is designed specifically for collecting rain water, it has a few clever design features. Unlike round barrels, this rain barrel has a flat back. This flat backed rain barrel fits neatly against the side of a building. It doesn't leave any gaps where weeds or long grass can grow, and it doesn't waste any space. The barrel also has a spigot that fits snugly near the bottom of the barrel. This spigot is a perfect fit rather than a tacked on modification and works with any standard garden hose.

Wooden whiskey barrels and wine kegs are incredibly heavy. Even when they're empty, wood barrels can take 2 or 3 strong people to move them around. On the other hand, this plastic barrel can be easily moved by just one person. It weighs only 19 lbs when empty.

The Faux Wood Barrel is molded with a pattern of wooden boards and metal hoops. One of the advantages of making it this way is that there aren't really cracks between the "boards", so water doesn't leak out or evaporate away. There are also no gaps for sunlight to get through. The resin material blocks all light, which prevents algae or mildew from forming. It's treated to resist UV radiation and will not fade or crack. The plastic body wont rot, grow mold, or rust either.

The top of the rain barrel has an inlet for water. To fill the rainbarrel, simply position the inlet underneath a downspout. The inlet has a screen to keep leaves and insects out of the barrel. For even more capacity, you can daisy-chain multiple barrels together. That way, as each barrel fills up, it will overflow into a neighboring barrel.

36 inches tall
19 inches deep (front to back)
24 inches wide

An elevated stand is also available (as shown in the picture gallery above). This stand raises the rain barrel a foot higher and has a cutout section for putting a watering can under the spigot. This extra elevation provides more water pressure for a garden hose or soaker hose system. The stand is available in your choice of oak (matching this rain barrel) or recycled black. There is an extra charge for the stand.

Summit Mosquito Control Dunks allow you to collect rain water mosquito free.

Looking for installation tips on this rain barrel? We've also created a page in our garden advice section that shows how to install this rain barrel in just three easy steps.

For a product video that shows the great features of this rain barrel, please watch the video below:

Product Videos

Faux Whiskey Rain Barrel 01:15

http://www.cleanairgardening.com/whisky-barrel.html This faux whiskey rain barrel is ideal for rain water collection. It can hold up to 50.44 gallons of rainwater, and can help you water your plants, lawn, or garden with ease. It comes with a spigot and a mesh screen that will help keep bugs away. There is also a downspout to ensure that your rain barrel will not overflow from the top if it is collecting a lot of water. For more information on this rain barrel, please visit the web address at the top of this description.

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