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Best Bluebird House: Mahogany

8.00 LBS

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  • When you look at this birdhouse, you might think to yourself that it looks pretty good. But to a bluebird, it looks like a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright himself! Unlike other so-called bluebird houses that are really designed to appeal to a human's sense of style, this bluebird house is designed only with bluebirds in mind, using the absolute finest construction and materials. You will not find a better bluebird house than this one. As our environment becomes more dangerous for birds every year, it's important for people to provide safe housing alternatives for birds to house and raise their young. With this bluebird house, you'll ideally want to find a nice open area with scattered trees. Mount the house five to six feet above ground on a fencepost or pole, and make sure that the entrance hole does not face the direction of storms. Space bluebird houses at least 200 feet apart to avoid any territorial conflicts, and leave the house up year round. The front of the house swings open to clean out the house once a year or so. Clean out the house each time after the birds are finished with nesting and leave so that it is ready for the next nesting bluebird. This bluebird house is made from solid mahogany parts, the same material you'll find in fine furniture, and the same material that Christopher Columbus used to build his ships that sailed to the New World. These houses are so well built that the manufacturer offers a 10 year guarantee. Features:
  • Constructed of 5/8" natural mahogany
  • Side door with thumb latch for easy clean-out
  • Overhanging roof on all sides, to help keep water out
  • Drainage holes in floor
  • Measures 7" x 8" x 16"
  • Standard 1 1/2” entry hole
  • Copper tipped roof for a beautiful look and long life
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